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Alexander Surikov, Russia’s Ambassador to Mozambique, has died Suddenly

The death of 68-year-old Mozambican Alexander Surikov has been confirmed and his

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Xi Jinping said that China and France Must Stand Together against the New Cold War

On May 6, Xi Jinping held talks with French President Emmanuel Macron

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Xi Jinping and the EU jointly called for an End to Tensions in Ukraine

China, France, and the EU jointly discussed the escalation of hostilities in

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Shahid Mahdavi IRGC Navy Ships Complete Long-range Mission for the First Time

Shahid Mahdavi: According to a Tasnim agency report, the navy of the

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Now Qatar ready to accept US request to expel Hamas leaders

The Times of Israel newspaper reported, according to a source. Qatar is

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British Now Ready to Help Ukraine

Rishi Sunak announced the transfer of the kingdom's defense industry to military

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Joe Biden has Come Under a lot of Criticism for Helping Ukraine

Twitter users have criticized US President Joe Biden. Criticism they say is

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Antony Blinken: China-U.S. Relations Must Stabilize

Antony Blinken told a briefing ahead of his visit to China that

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5.9 Earthquake: Three Earthquakes occurred in Taiwan in one day

A magnitude 5.9 earthquake has struck off the east coast of Taiwan.

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5.7 Magnitude Earthquake struck Taiwan

China Earthquake Networks Center reported that a magnitude 5.7 earthquake occurred off

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EU Considers Ban on LNG Imports in Latest Sanctions Against Russia

EU countries want to ban LNG imports in the 14th package of

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Breaking News: Japan Commits $12 Billion in Aid to Ukraine

After America, Japan is helping Ukraine. Japan's announced aid to Ukraine currently

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