Waukesha District 2 Alderman Payne won the reelection

Eric Payne, an incumbent alderman representing District 2 in the City of Waukesha, has kept his job. Bob Salb, a newcomer, opposed him.

With 518 votes or 55.2% of the total, Payne was re-elected. With 412 votes or 43.9% of the total, Salb came in last. A write-in candidate received eight votes, accounting for 0.9% of the total.


Since his initial election as an alderman in 2004, Payne has worked for the city. He thinks that the Waukesha Great Lakes Water Supply Project is currently the municipality’s biggest problem. He says that the main concerns are taxes and government spending.

The former heavy truck mechanic agrees that the city does not require any new apartments. He thinks that in order for people to live and work in Waukesha, more industry and well-paying jobs must be created.

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