US Vice President Warns Israel Against Major Attack on Rafah: International Concerns Rise

Vice President has issued a stern warning to concerning the potential ramifications of launching a significant assault on Rafah, a city in Gaza where over a million Palestinians have sought refuge amidst the ongoing conflict with Hamas.

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris (Image source: Twitter)

She emphasized that all options were being considered and underscored the severe consequences such an attack would entail.

While Israel asserts the necessity of targeting Rafah to combat Hamas, there's mounting international opposition, including from the US.

Gaza (Image source: Twitter)

Prime Minister Benjamin has reassured plans for civilian evacuation, although doubts persist regarding their feasibility and safety.

Discussions in Washington aim to explore alternative strategies, yet the US continues to oppose a large-scale military operation, citing concerns about civilian casualties and diplomatic fallout.

Netanyahu, however, remains steadfast in the belief of the necessity of action, even in the absence of full US support. Meanwhile, President has urged Israel to ramp up humanitarian aid efforts amidst deteriorating conditions and warnings from the United Nations about the looming threat of famine.

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