The interim budget proposal’s lack of support for Ukraine is criticized by US President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden raised his worries about the lack of funds for Ukraine in the recently passed temporary government funding bill by both houses of Congress in a direct and strong manner.

Joe Biden, Zelensky
Joe Biden, Zelensky (Image source: Twitter)

The agreement, which extends financing for the government for 45 days, noticeably leaves out money for aiding Kyiv, sparking contentious discussions on Capitol Hill.

In a statement issued by the White House, President Biden resolutely declared, “Under no circumstances can we allow U.S. support for Ukraine to be interrupted.” This declaration demonstrates his unshakable dedication to ensuring that Ukraine is getting the essential help it needs.

Additionally, Biden urged Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy to remain committed to giving Kyiv the support it needs during this crucial time. It’s important to note that the statement leaves unclear if President Biden has officially approved the budget blueprint.

The impending possibility of a government shutdown, which is scheduled to start on October 1 if a new budget cannot be reached, makes these debates much more urgent. The budget negotiations have been made more difficult by disagreements between the US administration and lawmakers regarding spending amounts and particular allocations.

While disagreements continue between the Republican majority in the House of Representatives and the minority in the Senate, particularly in regard to how to resolve the border situation, the White House has accused Republicans of blocking collaboration.

The budget’s allocation of money to help Ukraine continues to be a contentious issue. Congressmen have come out and said they are against the budget as long as it involves funding for the Kyiv government.

As political talks and conversations take place in Washington, the future of this budget and, most importantly, the help for Ukraine contained within it, are in jeopardy. The conclusion will be widely watched by the world community since it has enormous ramifications for both the ongoing support for Ukraine and how the US government operates.

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