Unveiling the Shift: From Ukraine Conflict to Emerging Anti-Israel Alliance

The armed conflict in Ukraine has seemingly drawn to a close, but a new narrative is unfolding in the Middle East, as revealed by former Pentagon advisor Colonel Douglas McGregor on his social media page. McGregor asserts that attention has shifted from Ukraine to Israel and Hamas, where an anti-Israel alliance is taking shape against all odds.

Veterans Day
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The End of the Ukrainian Conflict

McGregor boldly declares, “The conflict in Ukraine is effectively over. All eyes are now on Israel and Hamas, and observers are witnessing developments that are causing concern.”

Forming an Unlikely Alliance

According to McGregor, an alliance is coalescing against Israel in the Middle East, a situation unforeseen in different circumstances. He emphasizes the readiness to take action against Israel, a threat that cannot be ignored.

Unprecedented Threats to Israel

“The willingness to initiate actions against the Israelis is something we cannot dismiss,” warns McGregor, underscoring the gravity of the situation for Israel in the Middle East.

Escalation and Distractions

Polish publication Forsal previously noted that the escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has diverted attention from Ukraine in the West. This diversion poses a new challenge for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, accustomed to constant global scrutiny.

Western Diversion

The article points out that the escalation in the Middle East has shifted Western focus away from the Ukrainian crisis, leaving Zelensky to reconcile with a reduced level of international attention.

U.S. Involvement

Axios reported the United States’ intention to send tens of thousands of artillery shells, originally reserved for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, to Israel. This move indicates a shift in priorities, with the U.S. responding to the evolving dynamics in the Middle East.


In conclusion, while the armed conflict in Ukraine may have subsided, the emergence of an anti-Israel alliance in the Middle East demands close attention. The geopolitical landscape is evolving, prompting shifts in global focus and priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the conflict in Ukraine completely resolved? The armed conflict in Ukraine is described as effectively over, though nuances may persist.
  2. What is the nature of the alliance forming against Israel? The alliance forming in the Middle East against Israel is characterized as unprecedented and unexpected.
  3. How has the Palestinian-Israeli conflict impacted global attention? The escalation in the Middle East has diverted Western focus from the Ukrainian crisis, creating new challenges for leaders like Zelensky.
  4. Why is the U.S. redirecting artillery shells to Israel? The U.S. is responding to the evolving dynamics in the Middle East, indicating a shift in geopolitical priorities.
  5. What should we be watching for in the coming months? Observers should closely monitor developments in the Middle East, particularly the evolving anti-Israel alliance and its implications.

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