Unraveling the Enigma: Why IS Is Targeting Hamas Amidst Israel’s Struggles – Hamas attack

Hamas attack: In the wake of recent events, the world has been thrust into the tumultuous conflict between Hamas and Israel.

Hamas Attack
Hamas Attack (Image source: Twitter)

The early hours of Saturday witnessed a harrowing barrage of over five thousand rockets launched by Hamas terrorists, resulting in the tragic loss of 40 innocent lives in Israel. This relentless assault has escalated into a full-blown confrontation, with the Israeli army engaged in a fierce battle against Hamas militants.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has unequivocally declared that “we are at war,” emphasizing that this is not merely a campaign but a war of grave significance. Amidst this chaos, a perplexing question arises: Why is the Islamic State (IS), a notorious terrorist organization, now setting its sights on Hamas? Let’s delve into this enigma.

Israel: A Foe Even IS Fears

Israel has long been recognized as a formidable adversary, even by the likes of the Islamic State. This revelation comes from Jurgen Todenhofer, a Western journalist who spent ten harrowing days in the captivity of IS in 2015.

His experiences and findings were documented in a gripping book. During an interview with Jewish News, Todenhofer disclosed that “the only country IS is afraid of is Israel.” Astonishingly, the terrorists confided that they were aware of the Israeli army’s unparalleled strength, acknowledging that it posed a grave threat to their operations.

The Fear Factor

Todenhofer’s account further reveals that IS terrorists believed they could potentially overcome the ground troops of America and Britain due to their inexperience in guerrilla and terrorist strategies.

However, when it came to Israel, they held a different perspective. They recognized the resilience of the Israelis in combatting terrorism, particularly the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), which they perceived as a genuine menace.

Despite IS’s threats against Israel and its Jewish population in propaganda videos, Israel chose not to engage in their provocations.

The Puzzle of Hamas’ Attack

Given this backdrop, the sudden and audacious series of attacks by Hamas, a group historically seen as weaker than Israel, has led to perplexing questions. Has there been an intelligence failure? Israel boasts a formidable intelligence apparatus, epitomized by the world-renowned Mossad agency.

Mossad is famed for its ability to locate and neutralize threats, irrespective of their global whereabouts. The agency’s modus operandi involves meticulous research and strategic execution. While Mossad leads the charge, several other intelligence agencies operate within Israel.

However, despite their collective efforts, they failed to anticipate the Hamas onslaught. The aftermath of the attack has prompted Israeli political analysts to castigate the government for its apparent lapses in planning and coordination.

The evolving conflict between Hamas and Israel is rife with complexity and uncertainty. The enigmatic shift of IS’s focus towards Hamas adds an intriguing layer to an already convoluted situation. As the world watches and waits for developments in this high-stakes showdown, the past fears and present challenges that Israel faces cast a long shadow over the region.


1. Why is Hamas attacking Israel?

Hamas’s attacks on Israel are driven by a complex web of historical, political, and ideological factors, including the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict and regional tensions.

2. What makes Israel a formidable adversary for terrorist organizations like IS?

Israel’s reputation as a formidable adversary stems from its well-trained defense forces, intelligence agencies, and a history of successfully countering terrorist threats.

3. How did IS perceive Israel during Jurgen Todenhofer’s captivity?

According to Todenhofer, IS terrorists acknowledged Israel’s strength and expressed fear of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

4. What role does Mossad play in Israel’s security?

Mossad is Israel’s premier intelligence agency, known for its global reach and effectiveness in identifying and neutralizing threats to the country.

5. Why did intelligence agencies fail to anticipate the Hamas attack?

The failure to anticipate the Hamas attack has raised questions about lapses in intelligence coordination and planning in Israel.

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