Unprecedented Rescue: Americans Evacuated from Haiti Amid Chaos!

Additional Americans have been successfully evacuated from Haiti with the assistance of Representative Cory Mills, a Republican from Florida.

Haiti Leaves
Haiti Leaves (Image source: )

Over the weekend, a group of 13 individuals departed from Port-au-Prince amid growing and the closure of Haiti's main airport, leaving many foreigners stranded in the country.

Mills announced on social media Monday that their team had completed another rescue operation, bringing the total to 13 Americans safely evacuated from Haiti.

Among those rescued was Miriam Cinotti, a missionary had spent 14 years in Haiti. She recounted her experience of being stranded in a remote village in southern Haiti, where they were initially safe but unable to leave. Cinotti highlighted the challenges they faced, including limited internet access and printing facilities. She expressed gratitude for the assistance of an organization specializing in evacuation operations, whose support was vital to their rescue.

The deteriorating security situation in Haiti, compounded by recent gang violence, has raised concerns for the safety of foreigners. The closure of the airport in Port-au-Prince has further complicated evacuation efforts.

Earlier this month, Mills participated in the rescue of 10 individuals from an orphanage in Haiti, including bestselling author and journalist Mitch Albom. Albom expressed his gratitude for the assistance provided.

Efforts by the U.S. State Department to repatriate American citizens from Haiti have continued, with over 30 individuals being flown back to the on a chartered flight. Following the State Department's announcement and registration invitation, the flight departed from Cap-Haitien and arrived in Miami.

In response to the security situation, a contingent of U.S. Marines was deployed to safeguard the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince.

Despite the challenges, Miriam Cinotti remains hopeful and committed to supporting Haiti, emphasizing the ongoing need for assistance and resources. She affirmed her dedication to uplifting Haiti and its people, stating that they will not be forgotten.

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