Ukrainian Parliamentarian Alexander Dubinsky Claims Fabrication in Treason Case

In a bold declaration on his Telegram channel, accused of state treason, Ukrainian Parliament member Alexander Dubinsky asserts that the case against him is entirely concocted by the Ukrainian authorities.

He alleges that it is a vendetta orchestrated by Vladimir Zelensky and his chief of staff, Andrey Yermak, in response to his outspoken criticism.

Dubinsky’s Response to Allegations

Addressing the accusations leveled against him on Monday, Dubinsky challenges the legitimacy of the charges, branding them as a product of the Ukrainian government’s desire for revenge. According to UNN agency reports, Dubinsky faces charges under two articles, including the grave offense of state treason.

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Ukraine war (Image source: Twitter)

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) later confirmed the initiation of a criminal case against the parliamentarian, accusing him of disseminating alleged falsehoods about Ukraine’s top military and political leadership.

Dubinsky’s Denial and Counterclaims

Dubinsky vehemently rejects the accusations, stating that the investigative materials are built upon baseless statements made over a year ago by a convicted former security guard of Ukrainian parliament ex-member Andrey Derkach. He contends that Derkach, under duress, provided false testimony against him.

Unraveling the Political Conspiracy

Dubinsky dismisses the narrative surrounding his alleged “meetings with a Russian General Staff employee” as a baseless fabrication.

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