Twins’ Night Out Takes a Horrifying Turn – One Dead, One Injured: What Really Happened?

In the early hours of Sunday, a tragic event unfolded at a deli in Brooklyn involving twin sisters, both 19 years old.

One of the sisters, identified as Samiya Spain, lost her life after sustaining a stab wound to her chest. The other sister, whose identity remains undisclosed, survived with an arm injury and is currently in stable condition after receiving medical attention.


The incident took place around 2:20 a.m. inside a deli located in the Park Slope neighborhood, near the corner of Saint Mark's Place and 4th Avenue, not far from the sisters' residence on Nevins Street.

Upon arrival, officers found both sisters with stab wounds. Despite efforts by emergency medical services, Samiya Spain couldn't be saved. The perpetrator remains at large, and investigations are ongoing.

According to a witness opted to remain anonymous, the altercation began when a man at the deli made advances towards the sisters, which they rejected. Angered by the refusal, the man resorted to verbal abuse before leaving the scene. However, he returned shortly thereafter, attempting to gain entry by forcefully banging and kicking at the locked door. Once inside, he launched a violent attack on the sisters, as described by the witness.

Alphonso Goodson, the twins' grandfather, expressed shock and dismay over the incident, emphasizing the unjust nature of the perpetrator's actions. He stressed the need for swift justice.

In response to the distressing incident, Tony Herbert, a Democratic candidate for the New York Assembly from Brooklyn, called for stricter penalties for individuals committing violent crimes, particularly those involving like knives.

“We must ensure that those who resort to violence, especially with weapons, face the full force of the law,” Herbert stated during a conference on Sunday.

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