Trump’s Legal Battle: Shocking Revelation Revealed – Only 300 Documents Relevant! Find Out What Happens Next!

State prosecutors in New York have asserted that out of the massive trove of documents recently provided to former President Donald Trump's legal team, only a small fraction is relevant to his defense against criminal charges.

Manhattan D.A.
Manhattan D.A. (Image source: Twitter)

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's office stated that less than 300 documents out of over 170,000 are potentially pertinent to Trump's case involving falsified records. The bulk of the documents originated from the into Trump's former lawyer, , by special counsel Robert Mueller, and are unrelated to the allegations against Trump.

The DA's office criticized Trump's defense team for their tactics and called for an end to what they see as stalling tactics. Cohen is anticipated to be a significant witness in the upcoming trial, which was postponed due to last-minute disclosures by the Attorney's office. Trump's lawyers have accused the DA's office of negligence in obtaining the records earlier and have requested dismissal of the charges as a penalty.

However, the DA's office dismissed these claims as baseless, labeling them as a distraction. They assert that the recent disclosure contains only a limited number of relevant documents, mostly corroborating existing evidence. Key items include witness statements recorded during Cohen's meetings with the Special Counsel investigating Russian interference.

The case revolves around Cohen's 2018 guilty plea, which included charges related to secret payments made to women who alleged affairs with Trump, as well as lying to Congress about Trump's business dealings with . The DA's case focuses on allegations that Trump falsified business records concerning the payment of $130,000 to adult film star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The DA's office placed blame on Trump for the delayed disclosures, arguing that his legal team did not raise concerns about missing items when they received initial information from the U.S. Attorney's office. They also pointed out that Trump's team only sought additional documents from federal prosecutors in January, leading to the belated disclosure of more evidence.

Despite Trump's lawyers requesting a 90-day delay, the DA's office insists that the trial should proceed as scheduled on April 15. A hearing on the matter is scheduled, during which the judge may decide on a new trial date.

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