Trump’s Legal Battle Escalates: The Shocking Truth Behind His $464 Million Woes!

voiced frustration on Tuesday about his inability to obtain a bond for the $464 million civil fraud judgment against him. He expressed difficulty in securing such a bond, describing it as “practically impossible.” This came shortly after he filed a defamation lawsuit against ABC News and George Stephanopoulos following remarks made on “This Week” regarding allegations against him by writer E. Jean Carroll.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump (Image source: Twitter)

Trump's legal team detailed their challenges in obtaining the bond, mentioning efforts with multiple surety companies and brokers. Without the bond, there's a risk of by the state attorney general's office unless the court intervenes to halt collection efforts during his appeal.

In a series of posts on , Trump characterized the case as “legal warfare” and “.” He criticized the requirement to put up hundreds of millions of dollars for the right to appeal, though it's noted that he can proceed with the appeal without posting any money upfront.

The deadline for Trump to secure the bond or halt the judgment is March 25, pending any court decisions. Meanwhile, Trump has initiated the appeals process.

His legal frustrations come amid his defamation lawsuit against ABC News and Stephanopoulos, alleging inaccuracies regarding the Carroll case. Stephanopoulos's statement during an interview with Rep. Nancy Mace inaccurately portrayed Trump as being found liable for rape.

While a federal jury did find Trump liable for abuse in Carroll's civil lawsuit, they did not find him liable for rape. However, Judge Lewis Kaplan later clarified that the jury did find evidence supporting Carroll's claim of rape within the common understanding of the term.

Trump's defamation lawsuit contends that Stephanopoulos acted with malice or reckless disregard for the truth in his statement.

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