Trump’s Hush Money Trial: Delays, Disputes, and Decisions

In a New York courtroom, attended a hearing regarding his , where a new trial date was expected to be set.

The trial, initially set for Monday, was postponed by Judge Juan Merchan until mid-April due to delayed evidence submission by federal prosecutors related to former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

Donald Trump and Melania Voting Today
Donald Trump and Melania Voting Today (Image source: Twitter)

supported a 30-day delay to allow Trump to review documents provided by federal prosecutors. However, Bragg's office urged the trial to proceed on April 15, citing the small portion of relevant documents among those submitted.

The delayed document production followed Trump's legal team's request for additional documents. During the hearing, Judge Merchan questioned why the issue hadn't been raised earlier by Trump's attorneys.

Trump's lawyers blamed the district attorney's office for the delay and sought dismissal of the charges, a plea rejected by the DA's office.

Merchan pressed for clarity on the number of documents needing review while Trump's attorney emphasized ongoing scrutiny of Cohen's records.

The hearing stemmed from a motion filed by Trump's attorneys concerning document production, with Merchan indicating he would set a new trial date if necessary after ruling on the motion.

The charges against Trump allege manipulation of business records to conceal payments, including to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Trump denies any encounter with Daniels but admits to reimbursing Cohen. Cohen, who pleaded guilty to various charges, is expected to testify.

The hearing coincides with a deadline for Trump to pay over $450 million in bond for a New York civil fraud case, a ruling he has appealed, vowing to take it to the if necessary.

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