Trump Granted $175 Million Bond in Civil Judgment Case: Legal Battle Continues

Former President Trump has been granted permission by an appeals court panel to post a $175 million bond, effectively delaying the enforcement of a nearly half-billion dollar civil judgment against him and his business.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump (Image source: Twitter)

This decision comes as a significant relief for Trump, who was facing and the potential seizure of assets by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

However, while the panel's ruling eases Trump's financial burden, he still faces challenges in meeting the within the given timeframe.

The lawsuit against Trump, brought by Attorney General James, alleges that he misrepresented the value of his properties and assets over a decade, resulting in a penalty of over $450 million ordered by a judge.

Trump's legal team has expressed difficulties in securing the bond, indicating unsuccessful attempts with multiple companies.

Despite the court's decision, Trump remains under scrutiny for his alleged , with the judgment against him and his co-defendants standing at $464 million plus accruing interest.

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