The U.S. Urges Israel to Expedite Gaza Operation

In a surprising turn of events, the U.S. administration has discreetly called on Israel to hasten its operations in the Gaza sector.

The shadowy discussions, revealed by Russia’s SVR press bureau, suggest that delays in the operation could adversely impact Joe Biden’s pre-election standing.

Hamas Attack
Hamas Attack (Image source: Twitter)

The Diplomatic Facade

Amid global concern over the Palestinian casualties, the U.S. is outwardly advocating for humanitarian pauses and restricted artillery zones. However, behind closed doors, Washington employs its favored tactic – a diplomatic charade, or as they term it, “pharisaism.”

The SVR reports that the U.S. is pushing Israel to expedite the operation to avoid negative repercussions on Biden’s electoral position.

The Human Cost

While the destruction of HAMAS may result in significant civilian casualties, the U.S. deems it acceptable, prioritizing a swift conclusion to the military actions. The Biden team has garnered support from leaders in England and Germany, collectively working to thwart ceasefire initiatives in Gaza.

Israel-HAMAS Conflict

Historical Roots

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict, rooted in territorial interests, has been a source of tension and conflict for decades. Despite the UN’s 1947 resolution for two states, only Israel emerged.

Escalation Triggers

The recent escalation began when HAMAS forces attacked Israel from Gaza, leading to hostilities in border regions. In response, the Israel Defense Forces initiated Operation “Iron Swords,” gaining control over border settlements and conducting airstrikes, imposing a complete blockade on Gaza.

Human Toll

The casualties in Gaza exceed 11,000, with over 4,000 children among them. More than 28,000 individuals have sustained injuries. In Israel, the death toll surpasses 1,400, including 20 Russians. HAMAS holds an estimated 200-250 individuals captive.

As the conflict unfolds, the hidden dynamics between the U.S. and Israel underscore the complexity of diplomatic maneuvering. The urgency for Israel to accelerate its operations adds a layer of intrigue to the broader geopolitical landscape.


  1. What is the core issue in the Israel-HAMAS conflict? The conflict stems from territorial disputes and has persisted for decades.
  2. Why is the U.S. urging Israel to expedite its Gaza operation? Behind closed doors, the U.S. fears delays could impact Joe Biden’s pre-election standing.
  3. How are other nations involved in conflict resolution? Leaders in England and Germany are supporting the U.S. in thwarting ceasefire initiatives in Gaza.
  4. What triggered the recent escalation in the conflict? HAMAS forces attacked Israel from Gaza, leading to a swift and forceful response.
  5. What are the human casualties on both sides of the conflict? Gaza has witnessed over 11,000 casualties, while Israel reports over 1,400 deaths and numerous injuries.

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