The Suspicious Disappearance of Two Mothers in Oklahoma

In a concerning turn of events, authorities in Oklahoma suspect foul play in the disappearance of two mothers. The individuals in question, , 27, and , 39, were scheduled to pick up children but never arrived as planned.

Veronica Butler and Jilian Kelley
Veronica Butler and Jilian Kelley (Image source: Twitter)

The Oklahoma State Bureau of has been actively pursuing leads since the discovery of the women's abandoned vehicle in a secluded area near the Kansas over the weekend.

“After examining evidence gathered from the vehicle, our team has reason to believe foul play may be involved,” stated the bureau in a recent update.

The pair set out together with the intention of retrieving children, yet they failed to reach their destination. Law enforcement reported the discovery of their deserted vehicle on the roadside, raising significant concerns.

The vehicle's location was pinpointed to Texas County in Oklahoma, situated south of Elkhart, Kansas, near Highway 95 and Road L, as confirmed by OSBI spokesperson Hunter McKee.

“The circumstances suggest they may be in jeopardy,” McKee emphasized. “Given the remote area and the absence of any communication, we're deeply concerned.”

Notably, both women have ties to church communities in Hugoton, Kansas. Butler's pastor, Tim Singer, revealed Kelley's association with Hugoton First Christian Church, where her husband serves as a pastor.

Describing the relationship between the missing mothers as “acquaintances,” Singer disclosed that they were en route to Butler's children's birthday party when they vanished.

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