The Potential Return of Former US President Donald Trump: Implications for Global Leadership

In the ever-evolving landscape of global politics, the possibility of former US President Donald Trump making a comeback to the White House next year raises significant questions about the future of America’s global leadership.

This perspective is explored by Financial Times columnist Gideon Rahman, who contemplates the potential impact on the international stage if Trump were to secure victory in the upcoming presidential elections.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump (Image source: Twitter)

Trump’s Bold Moves and the NATO Question

Rahman notes that during his first term, Trump toyed with the idea of the United States exiting NATO, a move that sent shockwaves through diplomatic circles. The prospect of a second term brings forth the speculation that Trump might translate this rhetoric into action, reshaping alliances and challenging the status quo.

Biden’s Vision vs. Trump’s Approach

On the flip side, the current US President, Joe Biden, envisions a world where Washington plays a crucial role as a leader and enforcer of order. However, Rahman argues that Biden’s worldview is outdated, suggesting the possibility that he could be the last American president adhering to the idea of the US as a “liberal hegemon” in the global arena.

The Stakes for Global Security

Rahman delves into the potential consequences for global security should Trump return to power. The article suggests that a Trump administration might abandon the notion that Washington’s interests lie in “maintaining security” in Europe, Northeast Asia, and the Persian Gulf region.

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