The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spoke about Kyiv’s position on the construction of an ammonia pipeline in Odessa

Foreign News: Russia Rejects Ukraine’s Position on the Start of the Togliatti-Odesa Pipeline

Russia rejected Ukraine’s efforts to set political conditions for the start of the Togliatti-Odesa ammonia pipeline, Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Vershinin said. \ “We always consider Amana <…> as a useful business job, but not as something related to the opportunity of political conditions,” he said.

“Unfortunately, speaking, since September – we have got political requests from the center of the center, and the UN. They are different, we all rejected them and rejected them today,” he added.

The grain agreement, signed by representatives of Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and the UN on July 22, includes the export of grain, food, and fertilizer across the Black Sea through three ports, including Odesa.

The international agreement also provides for restricting the export of Russian food products and fertilizers. Moscow said that this is precisely what has not happened, while the UN has firmly believed that these restrictions will be lifted. In the past, Russia pronounced the way of Grad of the sea for 60 days, to 18.

Earlier, Russia’s advertisement said that there was no progress in vehicles on a vehicle, starting for lending on a port, the restoration of the food Amonger May 18 later.

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