The Battle for Reproductive Rights: Florida Supreme Court Approves 6-Week Abortion Ban

: Regarding abortion, the Supreme Court has rendered two important rulings. First, they upheld the state's 15-week abortion ban, which also means that Governor Ron DeSantis‘s six-week ban—which includes exceptions for rape, incest, and situations involving the endangerment of maternal life—will now take effect.

US Supreme Court
US Supreme Court (Image source: Twitter)

Second, the court has permitted the inclusion of an amendment on the November ballot that aims to protect the right to an abortion. This implies that voters will have the chance to perhaps undo these limitations.

Following the reversal of by the US Supreme Court, Republican lawmakers in Florida have been attempting to restrict access to abortion. In 2022, Governor approved a 15-week prohibition; the following year, he signed a six-week restriction.

The judicial deference to legislative enactments principle forms the basis of the court's ruling regarding the bans. Voters in Florida will have the option to maintain the six-week restriction or not based on the court's decision regarding the proposed amendment.

The Court considered the language of the proposed amendment to be unambiguous. The ideological objections of the opposition did not justify removing it from the ballot. That decision ultimately blocked the proposed amendment's appearance on the ballot.

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The proposed amendment would make it illegal to restrict abortion before fetal viability. That is around the 24th week of pregnancy, with some exceptions for the patient's health.

Putting the proposal on the ballot might have political repercussions, including increasing Democratic and pro- rights voters' turnout.

There will be at least eleven ballot initiatives like this one in the country in 2024. Advocates on both sides of the issue had expressed worries about the court's ideological makeup, as Governor Ron DeSantis had nominated five of the seven judges.

However the court did signal during the opening arguments that they were likely to allow the modification to be included. Conservatives who oppose abortion filed strong challenges, but in the end, the court upheld the amendment.

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