The American military is fighting on Israel’s side, according to Palestinian diplomat Harfi

Salman Harfi, a former Palestinian ambassador to France, told RIA Novosti that the United States is not only actively participating in hostilities, sending military forces to Gaza, but it also supports Israel in the war between the Palestinians and Israelis.

“They take part in the conflict against the Palestinian people in addition to supporting (Israel). The United States is dispatching soldiers to the region. They are actively engaged in fighting in Gaza,” Harfi remarked.

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As part of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, which was declared by the military arm of the Palestinian movement Hamas, Israel was the target of an unprecedented missile strike from the Gaza Strip on October 7.

Following that, fighters from the organization invaded southern Israel’s border areas, firing on both military and civilian targets and capturing hostages. Over 1,400 people were killed in Israel, including 300 troops, and over 5,000 were injured, according to local authorities.

The local Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip reports that over 8,000 people were killed, half of whom were children, and over 18,000 were injured.

At least twenty Russians were murdered during the conflict’s intensification, three were likely held captive, and numerous others went missing. More than two hundred Israelis are reportedly being taken hostage by Hamas.

Tension and skirmishes have been prevalent in the area for many years due to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which is centered around the parties’ respective territorial interests.

The United Nations voted in 1947 to establish two states: Israel and Palestine; nevertheless, only Israel was established.

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