Texas Governor Faces Showdown: Defying Supreme Court on Immigration Law!

Texas Governor is facing pressure from conservatives to defy the U.S. Supreme Court and ignore its administrative stay on the state's controversial immigration law.

Greg Abbott
Greg Abbott (Image source: Twitter)

Several prominent Republicans, including TV personality Jesse Kelly, conservative talk show host Steve Deace, and right-wing activist Cary Cheshire, called on Abbott to order the enforcement of Senate Bill 4, even though the law was blocked indefinitely by the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday.

“Now Texas will find out if it really has a governor or not. Your move, @GregAbbott_TX,” Deace said in a post on social media.

This week, Justice Samuel Alito extended his stay on SB4 while the court considers emergency appeals from the administration and others trying to block enforcement of the law.

SB4, which allows local and state to arrest, detain, and remove individuals suspected of entering the state illegally from other countries, was signed into law by Abbott in December.

Some argue that Abbott should ignore the stay because President ignored the governor's calls for stricter immigration policies and found other ways to cancel student debt, even after the Supreme Court struck down his larger forgiveness plan.

Others echoed similar sentiments, urging Abbott to stand firm against the Supreme Court's ruling.

In response to the administrative stay, Abbott has vowed to continue carrying out other measures to address the influx of illegal migrants at the U.S.- border.

“SCOTUS temporarily halted enforcement of SB 4, but Texas is still using its authority to address illegal immigration,” Abbott said. “We continue building the wall and taking necessary actions to secure our border.”

SB4 has raised concerns among immigration advocates about potential racial profiling of Latinos, who represent a significant portion of the state's population.

The Justice Department has argued to the Supreme Court that allowing Texas to enforce the law would disrupt longstanding immigration policies and precedents.

However, Texas Republicans argue that the state has the right to defend itself against transnational criminal organizations and blame the federal government for failing to secure the border effectively.

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