Suspect Connection Shooting incident, 46-year-old Anton Rucker, is being sought

In Nashville, Tennessee, law enforcement officials are on the lookout for a suspect, Anton Rucker, aged 46, in connection with a shooting incident that transpired during an Easter brunch.


A male individual lost his life, while five others sustained injuries categorized as “non-critical” during the shooting incident on Sunday, as per authorities. The deceased has been identified as Allen Beachem, aged 33.

According to Don Aaron, the public relations director for the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, an altercation ensued between two men around 3 p.m. ET while brunch was being served at Roasted in Nashville. Aaron conveyed this information during a media briefing held Sunday night.

As tensions escalated during the altercation, one of the individuals produced a firearm and discharged multiple rounds, Aaron revealed. He further indicated that law enforcement officials suspect the deceased to have been the other party involved in the altercation with the alleged assailant. It is noteworthy that only the alleged perpetrator brandished a firearm.

One of the injured individuals sustained a grazing wound, although it remains uncertain whether the injury was inflicted by a gunshot or occurred due to contact with a surface.

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On Sunday, police disseminated images of the suspect via X (formerly known as Twitter) and urged the public to contact them with any relevant information.

Detectives are presently endeavoring to ascertain the motive behind the suspected gunman's decision to open fire at a dining establishment on Garfield St.

“A shooting incident transpired at 3 p.m. The perpetrator fled in a Mercedes GLS 450. Recognize him? Contact 615-862-8600,” a message on the Metropolitan Nashville Police's X page stated.

During Sunday night's press briefing, Aaron mentioned that law enforcement officials believe they have identified the alleged perpetrator but refrained from disclosing his identity at that juncture. Rucker's identity and photograph were subsequently disclosed in a social media statement.

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