Supreme Court Shocker: Texas Immigration Law SB 4 Gets Green Light Despite Biden’s Plea!

The Supreme Court has declined a request from the to pause 's stringent enforcement law, known as SB 4, while it faces legal challenges in lower courts.

US Supreme Court
Supreme Court (Image source: Twitter)

Under SB 4, local and state law enforcement would have the authority to detain migrants suspected of entering the state unlawfully. Additionally, judges would be able to order migrants to be taken to a port of entry and returned to Mexico, regardless of their country of origin.

The administration argues that immigration law falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal government, as outlined in the Constitution.

Texas contends that it has the right to detain migrants under the State War Clause of the Constitution, which allows states to in response to imminent threats.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, joined by Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, dissented, expressing concerns that allowing SB 4 to take effect would lead to chaos and crises in immigration enforcement.

Justice Elena Kagan also dissented, believing that the government had met the standard for a stay of the law pending appeal.

All six conservative justices supported allowing SB 4 to proceed temporarily. Justice Amy Coney Barrett, in a concurring opinion with Justice Brett Kavanaugh, preferred to await a judgment from the Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals on whether SB 4 should be blocked during ongoing litigation.

The decision by the Fifth Circuit could come at any time.

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