Six Aid Workers and Driver Killed in Israeli Airstrike

Israeli Airstrike: The text discusses a tragic incident where six international benefactors associated with the charity, along with their Palestinian chauffeur, were killed in an apparent strike from .

Gaza (Image source: Twitter)

The victims were seen in Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Gaza, wearing the charity's insignia. The charity, founded by Andrés, confirmed that the deceased included individuals from , Poland, the Kingdom, and a dual citizen of the United States and Canada.

The Israeli military expressed commitment to investigating the incident, which occurred after the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza. The aid convoy had successfully delivered over 100 metric tons of supplies, with additional aid arriving via maritime channels from Cyprus.

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The United States praised this new method of delivering aid to Gaza, where a significant portion of the population faces starvation. The conflict in Gaza has led to the deaths of numerous humanitarian workers, with UNRWA reporting 173 personnel casualties.

The strike also claimed the life of an Australian citizen named Zomi Frankcom. Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade emphasized the importance of protecting civilian lives during the conflict. The incident highlights the dangers faced by humanitarian workers in the region and the urgent need for secure transit routes for aid delivery.

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