Shooting at LA Chinese Lunar New Year party leaves at least ten people dead

In some breaking news, police say at least 10 people have been killed in a shooting in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

The incident happened in Monterey Park in the south of California reports see a man with his semi-automatic weapon open fire at a dance club close to where a large celebration had taken place earlier for the Chinese Lunar New Year come on this let’s bring in Jason Campania the journalist in La hello Jason what’s the latest.

So right now like you said we have 10 people dead and apparently 10 others shot.

So a total of 20 victims from a Chinese new Lunar New Year celebration the shooting reportedly happened in a ballroom that was nearby a celebration for the Lunar New Year and the gunman is on the Run uh right now police firefighters and paramedics.

LA Chinese Lunar New Year party
LA Chinese Lunar New Year party (Image source: Twitter)

They flooded the streets they’re interviewing as many people as possible but not much is known right now the Monterey Monterey Park PD which is about 10 miles from downtown L. A is handling the investigation but that’s a very small Police Department that’s only about 75 sworn officers so L.A County their Sheriff’s homicide detectives have now jumped in to help to see.

If we can find some answers because answers are definitely needed you see it not much is known but do we know anything about the possible motive no not at this time not right now I can tell you that witness accounts from what I I’ve gathered uh people posting on social media Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and things that the ballroom is used every Saturday night uh and they have you know swing dancing they have Ballroom type dancing there and it’s a very safe place to be uh so motive right now remains a mystery okay Jason Campania journalist and Ellie thank you

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