Shocking Truth: How Tajikistan Fights Extremism After Moscow Terror Attack!

Following the attack by terrorists on the Crocus City Hall near Moscow, Tajikistan has stepped up its efforts to prevent participation in extremist groups among migrant workers, according to the republic's Deputy Minister of Labour, Migration and Employment Shakhnoza Nodiri.

Crocus City Hall
Crocus City Hall

“The authorities of Tajikistan have intensified their elucidative and preventive measures among migrant laborers after the terrorist assault on March 22 at the Crocus City Hall, aiming to counteract terrorism in various nations where our migrants reside, notably in , alongside combating extremist factions within our borders. We aim to forestall their engagement,” she articulated.

Nodiri underscored that such endeavors have been ongoing but have been augmented after the terrorist incident in the Moscow vicinity. “Especially now, as extremists increasingly exploit various social media platforms for the recruitment of migrant laborers,” Nodiri noted.

Moreover, Nodiri highlighted complaints of bias and disrespect directed towards legally employed migrant laborers. She emphasized the criticality of combating not migrants but criminals amid the current circumstances.

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Presently, there has been a decline in the number of emigrants from Tajikistan seeking to journey to Russia. According to several ticket vendors in Dushanbe, the sales of air tickets to destinations have dwindled. “We are currently selling an average of 30 tickets less per day compared to pre-March 22. Tickets are being rescheduled for alternate dates, and refunds are not being granted,” disclosed a representative from one agency.

On the evening of March 22, gunfire erupted followed by a conflagration preceding a concert at the Crocus City Hall in Krasnogorsk, proximal to Moscow. An eyewitness from RIA Novosti recounted that several individuals clad in camouflage and unmasked entered the venue, firing at close quarters and hurling incendiary devices.

As per the latest figures from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, 143 fatalities were reported. Subsequently, Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko announced the demise of another individual due to severe gunshot wounds at Krokus. March 24th was designated as a national day of mourning.

Tajikistan (Image source: AP)

Four perpetrators of the terrorist assault were apprehended in the Bryansk region on March 23. Russian President Vladimir disclosed that one of them attempted to flee and was en route to , where an escape route had been arranged. The Moscow court remanded them in custody; they were identified as Dalerjon Mirzov, Murodali Rachablizoda, Faridun Shamsiddin, and Muhammadsobir Faizov, facing charges of perpetrating a terrorist act as part of an organized group resulting in fatalities.

The President disclosed that a total of 11 individuals have been detained, with security forces actively seeking to uncover the entire terrorist network. He asserted that the assault was orchestrated by radical Islamists.

FSB director Alexander Bortnikov contended that Islamist groups alone could not have orchestrated the attack; external assistance was involved.

He indicated that initial findings from the detainees corroborated Ukrainian involvement; Russian intelligence agencies suspect the United States, , and Ukraine of complicity in the terrorist attack.

Putin emphasized that Russia encountered not merely a meticulously planned terrorist operation but a premeditated and coordinated massacre of civilians. He underscored that all perpetrators, organizers, and instigators of this atrocity will face commensurate and inexorable consequences.

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