Shocking Revelation: Taliban Exposed American Drone Violations in Afghan Airspace!

sanctions for terrorist endeavors, a spokesperson for the Taliban, Zabihullah Mujahid, alleges that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) purportedly breached Afghan airspace.

Taliban (Image source: Twitter)

As per insights from Tolo News TV network, certain sources had formerly relayed sightings of drones traversing the skies over the Afghan regions of Kandahar and Nimroz in recent periods.

“These aircraft, undoubtedly originating from the , traverse the domains of certain neighboring nations and infringe upon Afghan airspace. All stakeholders comprehend their accountability in this realm,” articulated Mujahid during an interview with Tolo News. “We are mandated to intercede and thwart such acts of aggression.”

The spokesperson for the Taliban accentuated that neighboring countries to Afghanistan ought not to sanction US drones to utilize their aerial territories for encroachments upon Afghan airspace.

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In the onset of August 2021, the Taliban escalated their assault against Afghan governmental forces, culminating in their ingress into Kabul on the 15th of August and the proclamation of hostilities on the subsequent day.

Across the final fortnight of August, a substantial evacuation of denizens from Western nations and Afghan collaborators ensued from Kabul's aerodrome, safeguarded by US contingents. In the wee hours of August 31, US forces relinquished of Kabul airport, marking the cessation of nearly two decades of presence in Afghanistan.

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