Shocking Revelation: Former President Trump’s Desperate Money Moves Threaten National Security!

Michael Cohen raised concerns on Monday about the potential for former President to seek support from foreign nations to cover his increasing legal bills. Cohen, who previously served as Trump's attorney before their falling out, expressed worry during an interview with MSNBC's “Deadline: White House.”

Michael Cohen
Michael Cohen (Image source: Twitter)

Cohen posed hypothetical scenarios, questioning whether funds could originate from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or even through indirect channels from . He emphasized the potential security risk if a presidential candidate were indebted to foreign entities, underscoring the seriousness of the situation.

Earlier that day, Trump's legal team informed the court that they were unable to secure the $454 million bond required in his New York fraud case. Despite extensive negotiations with major insurance companies, they were unable to meet the obligation set by the court.

A New York judge had previously ordered Trump to pay approximately $355 million in penalties, plus accruing interest, for falsifying his net worth to gain tax and insurance benefits. The daily interest on the outstanding amount further increases the financial burden on Trump.

Cohen warned that Trump's financial predicament poses a significant threat to national security, particularly if he were to secure another presidential term.

“This jeopardizes our national security and reinforces the idea that Donald Trump remains the most dangerous threat to 's security and democracy,” Cohen asserted, highlighting Trump's apparent disregard for the source of his financial support.

Democratic Rep. Sean Casten echoed similar concerns on social media, emphasizing that Trump's substantial financial obligations make him vulnerable to manipulation by foreign adversaries.

Trump's campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Monday's developments.

These filings follow a recent court approval of a $91 million bond in a separate defamation case against Trump, where an insurance company agreed to underwrite the bond. Details regarding the specific terms of this arrangement were not immediately disclosed.

Trump's mounting legal fees, spanning multiple cases and criminal charges, have been a subject of scrutiny. Recent filings revealed significant expenditures on legal fees by his fundraising committees and leadership PAC, underscoring the financial strain faced by the former president.

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