Shocking New Details Emerge in Mysterious Disappearance of College Student! You Won’t Believe What Happened Before He Vanished!

Ten days have passed since University of Missouri student disappeared in , Tennessee, and fresh details have emerged about his movements prior to his vanishing.

Riley Strain, Strain was,
Riley Strain

Newly released footage from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department reveals a brief interaction between Strain, 22, and an officer responding to a vehicle burglary on March 8, the night he went missing.

According to Strain's stepfather, he had visited two additional bars before being asked to leave a third establishment on the same night.

The video shows Strain walking briskly past an officer on a sidewalk adjacent to the Cumberland River on Gay Street around 9:52 p.m. Strain appears upright and exchanges pleasantries with the officer, indicating he was seemingly coherent at the time.

Police spokesperson Don Aaron emphasized that there is no evidence of foul play, and Strain appears to be alone and engaging with the officer without signs of distress.

Strain, was in Nashville with friends from his college fraternity, Delta Chi, vanished after being ejected from a bar.

While reported to have consumed only one alcoholic drink and two waters at the bar, his stepfather mentioned a FaceTime call between Strain and his earlier in the evening. Strain indicated he was at a bar and had also visited another establishment.

Concerns have arisen regarding Strain's balance issues captured in security footage, prompting speculation about his level of intoxication or potential drug involvement.

Since Strain's disappearance, his bank card was discovered near the Cumberland River, but there have been no unauthorized charges, suggesting robbery may not be a motive.

Amidst the ongoing search efforts, Strain's stepfather remains hopeful for his safe return, urging him to know they are tirelessly searching and eagerly awaiting his homecoming.

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