Shocking Hijack Chaos: Bus Crash into Famous Hotel Leaves City Stunned!

In a in California, an individual allegedly seized control of a city bus, leading it on a chaotic spree of destruction before crashing it into a renowned hotel. Reports suggest that the suspect, who remains unidentified, a Metro bus in Los Angeles by brandishing a BB gun at the driver.

Bus hijacked
(Image © KTTV)

Under duress, the driver was forced to make several stops at different locations as the hijacker commanded. Throughout this harrowing ordeal, the bus collided with multiple vehicles, disregarding basic road safety protocols.

Footage and images captured during the hijacking depict the bus careening through a light and colliding with another vehicle at an intersection.

The tension reached its climax when the bus rammed into the wall of the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Hotel on West Olympic Boulevard, causing damage to a vault housed within the premises.

Following the crash, the suspect fled the scene but was later apprehended by officers from the Los Angeles Police Department. Investigators revealed that the suspect is believed to be homeless.

Remarkably, the used in the hijacking was later identified as a BB gun, underscoring the surreal nature of the incident. Fortunately, no passengers were aboard the Metro bus at the time of the hijacking.

However, both the driver and a motorist involved in one of the collisions sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were transported to the hospital for treatment.

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