Shocking Gala Cancellation! Controversy Erupts Over Honorees – Find Out Who’s Outraged!

A high-profile spring gala in , , intended to honor notable figures including Elon Musk, Rupert Murdoch, Michael Milken, Martha Stewart, and Sylvester Stallone has been canceled, organizers announced on Monday.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Image source: )

The invitation-only event, scheduled for April 13th at the Library of Congress, aimed to bestow the Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Leadership Award upon these luminaries from the realms of technology, media, finance, culinary arts, and film.

However, the chairman of the Opperman Foundation, responsible for selecting honorees and arranging the event independently of the late Supreme Court justice's estate, stated that they were canceling the gala to prevent stirring controversy over this year's list of recipients.

Julie Opperman emphasized that the foundation's primary objective is to contribute positively, not to incite debate or contention. She clarified that their intention was solely to honor Justice Ginsburg's legacy and leadership, expressing regret if their actions had caused offense to her family and friends.

The decision to cancel came after Trevor Morrison, a former clerk to Ginsburg and dean emeritus of the NYU School of Law, sent a letter to Julie Opperman on behalf of Ginsburg's family, expressing their disapproval of this year's honorees. The family insisted that Ginsburg's name should be removed from the awards unless they returned to their original focus, which included recognizing exceptional women.

Morrison's letter criticized the organizers for deviating from the award's founding principles and for failing to consult Ginsburg's survivors before altering the criteria for honorees. It highlighted the disappointment felt by Ginsburg's family and supporters, labeling the selection of this year's recipients as a betrayal of the justice's legacy.

Jane C. Ginsburg, the late justice's daughter, echoed these sentiments, stating that the foundation had strayed from its initial mission and from the values her stood for. She emphasized that the family endorsed Morrison's letter and its concerns.

The foundation's decision raised questions about the fate of the awards for Musk, Murdoch, Milken, Stewart, and Stallone, as the gala's cancellation cast doubt on whether they would still be honored. Despite inquiries, the foundation spokesperson declined to provide further details beyond the cancellation statement.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk (Image source: Twitter)

The controversy surrounding the event prompted the Library of Congress to clarify that it was merely serving as a venue and had no affiliation with the award ceremony.

Barbra Streisand, a recipient of the RBG Award in 2023, joined the Ginsburg family in condemning this year's selection of honorees, expressing doubt that Ginsburg would have approved of them.

Amanda L. Tyler, a professor who collaborated with Ginsburg, emphasized that an award bearing her name should reflect Ginsburg's lifelong dedication to combating discrimination and promoting gender equity and civil rights.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, renowned for her for gender equality and civil liberties, passed away in 2020. The RBG Award was established with her approval before her death, with initial years focusing exclusively on honoring groundbreaking women before widening the scope to include both men and women this year.

The Opperman Foundation's announcement of this year's honorees praised Musk's commitment to free speech, Murdoch's influence in the media industry, Milken's philanthropy, Stewart's entrepreneurial success, and Stallone's contributions to film and television. However, critics pointed out controversies and discrepancies in the backgrounds of some of the recipients.

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