Shocking Delays: Southwind Airlines’ Unprecedented Journey from Minsk to Istanbul!

Per statistics gleaned from the Flightradar24 platform, the Southwind aircraft undertook a journey from Minsk to Istanbul, enduring a duration exceeding the customary by a span exceeding two hours, necessitated by the imperative to traverse the expanse of territories.


The trajectory of the airline's flight meandered through the domains of , Kazakhstan, and Georgia, elongating the duration to over five and a half hours, whereas the typical flight from Minsk to Istanbul, traversing the terrain of EU nations, typically endures for more than three hours.

Formerly, the Minsk National Airport relayed information indicating cancellations and delays afflicting the Southwind Airlines flights plying the Minsk-Istanbul route on Saturday.

Specifically, the nocturnal flight on Saturday scheduled from Minsk to Istanbul under the banner of Southwind Airlines, along with the reciprocal journey from Istanbul to Minsk, slated for arrival in the Belarusian at 10.45 Moscow time, suffered cancellations. Concurrently, the aircraft's scheduled departure to Istanbul at 12.05 on Saturday was postponed until 15.55.

A cohort exceeding forty travelers hailing from Belarus faced frustration in their endeavor to embark on the journey from to Minsk on Saturday, precipitated by the cancellation of a Southwind Airlines flight, as delineated by the Belarusian ONT TV channel. Tentative projections suggest the anticipated arrival of the flight in Minsk at 20.00 on March 31.

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