Shocking: Conservative Influencer Caught in Capitol Chaos! Exclusive Details Inside!

A right-leaning personality was apprehended in California on January 6th-related charges, which include involvement in stealing a table from a Capitol conference room.

The FBI alleges that this table was subsequently used to assault officers during the violent events that unfolded at the lower west tunnel.


Isabella Deluca, known for her staunch support of former President , was taken into custody in Irvine, California, as per court documents revealed on Monday. She is facing five charges, including the theft of government property.

According to the FBI, Deluca was captured on video “removing, and aiding and abetting other rioters in removing, a table from ST-2M” within the Capitol building and passing it to rioters outside through another broken window. The FBI states that this table was later utilized in the assault against law enforcement officers guarding the Lower West Terrace Tunnel.

Deluca has amassed a significant following on social media platforms and was previously associated with a conservative organization. Her online biography indicates that she interned for Former Representative Lee Zeldin of and Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona. The FBI's interest in Deluca arose shortly after the Capitol attack, and she was interviewed on January 21, 2021.

In a tweet allegedly posted by Deluca on the afternoon of January 6th, she urged for action against what she perceived as election theft by politicians. Images presented in the FBI affidavit depict Deluca assisting in passing the table out of a broken window, while another individual, Timothy Desjardins, was previously arrested in 2021, is shown using a wooden table leg to assault officers. Deluca recounted being maced multiple times in an Instagram comment after the attack, mentioning the use of milk to alleviate the effects.

Subsequently, Deluca expressed conflicting sentiments about the events of January 6th and suggested that Trump should declare martial law, as per the FBI. Deluca has not responded to requests for comment from NBC News.

The aftermath of the January 6th attack has seen over 1,300 arrests, with prosecutors securing over 950 convictions. Approximately 500 individuals have been sentenced to varying periods of incarceration, ranging from a few days to 22 years in federal prison.

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