Shock Ruling: GOP Firebrands Greene and Gaetz Win Legal Battle, but Judge Slams ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Move Against Progressive Groups!

House Republicans Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz have received the green light to proceed with legal action against two cities over the cancellation of rallies they had planned in 2021, according to a federal judge's decision.

Matt Gaetz
Matt Gaetz (Image source: Twitter)

However, the judge heavily criticized their attempt to sue progressive campaign groups involved in the cancellations, labeling it as a “conspiracy theory.” The judge emphasized the protection of First Amendment rights for both the lawmakers and the opposing campaigners.

Greene and Gaetz, prominent supporters of former President Trump, had arranged indoor events in Anaheim and Riverside, California, which were canceled following complaints from various groups. While the judge acknowledged the cities' involvement in viewpoint discrimination, he dismissed the lawsuit against the campaign groups, citing a lack of factual basis and describing it as a “stunningly deficient pleading.”

In a related development, Greene initiated a motion to vacate House Speaker Mike Johnson over a $1.2 trillion funding package agreement, signaling a potential move to remove him from office.

However, this motion is expected to be referred to a committee rather than immediately voted upon. The motion received support from 112 Republicans and 22 Democrats opposed the funding agreement to prevent a government shutdown.

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