Shock and Betrayal: Former Executive Sentenced to Death for Poisoning Gaming Tycoon

A former executive at Yoozoo was sentenced to death for poisoning the company's founder, Lin Qi, in December 2020, following a dispute over operations. Lin, aged 39, died about ten days later.

Yoozoo Games
Yoozoo Games (Image source: )

Xu Yao, the perpetrator, poisoned Lin's food and beverages in the office, resulting in the death of Lin and sickness among four others. Yoozoo Games, also known as Youzu Interactive, owns the film rights to “The Three-Body Problem” trilogy and produced “Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming.” Xu Yao headed a subsidiary responsible for business related to “The Three-Body Problem.” In September 2020, the company granted the rights to produce an adaptation of the trilogy.

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