Shark Tank Star Slams NY AG’s Trump Asset Seizure: Is This the End of Due Process?

Kevin O'Leary, a host and investor on “Shark Tank,” criticized Attorney General Letitia James' efforts to seize assets from former President related to a civil fraud trial. O'Leary emphasized the importance of property rights and due process, questioning the rush to seize assets within 27 days.

Donald Trump
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He expressed concern about the impact on the American brand and his difficulty raising $3 billion for a data center due to questions about New York's actions. James' office initiated the process by filing judgments in Westchester County, where Trump owns property, aiming to seize assets if he doesn't pay a $454 million bond by Monday.

Trump claimed to have nearly $500 million in cash, contradicting his lawyers' statements about his inability to secure the bond. Despite efforts by Trump's attorneys to negotiate with insurance companies and seek backing for the bond, they faced challenges due to its .

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