Russian missile strike on Dnipro is condemned by the UN Secretary-General

In Ukraine, the death toll from a Russian missile strike on an apartment building is expected to rise past 40 today rescue workers in nepra are still searching for 29 people in the rubble.

But chances of finding survivors are slim Ukraine’s president is calling for faster deliveries of heavy weapons from the West in the wake of the attack which he describes as a war crime covered from the rubble.

Rescuers say they have little hope of finding anyone alive under this mess of Twisted concrete. But they keep up the search anyway we are not giving up hope of finding anyone alive.


The first group is looking for the dead I’ll help with that too those who were rescued were rushed to the hospital there are three people in the ward including the 19-year-old woman.

They were admitted with wounds after the explosion two are in our Ward with relatively severe conditions Barrow trauma.

Head trauma across the road from the apartment block neighbors and relatives pay their respects to the dead and try to process their grief it could have been any of us in that place people children.

This is a community reeling from profound loss in all of that one story of hope this man’s elderly mother was rescued from the building unharmed then he found his cat a small comfort in a time of tragedy Russia claims.

It had nothing to do with the strike on the atene pro apartment block instead blaming Ukrainian air defense systems. So we asked defense analyst Marina Miron from King’s College London for her take on that claim while it’s quite difficult to judge.

Who is actually responsible we know that Russia has launched a verge of missiles. We also know that Ukrainian air defense systems have shot some missiles down. So right now because it happened so recently there should be an independent investigation to find out.

What actually happened because obviously the Russian side even if it’s Russia’s fault will try to deny this while the Ukrainian side will try to point fingers at Russia because as you said this would be a war crime and as a matter of fact.

This battle is going on in the information sphere kind of both sides trying to point fingers at one another, for instance, the Ukrainian presidential advisor Alexander stovich first said that it was a Ukrainian missile that basically hits a Russian missile.

That’s why it happened and he retracted his statement so there is a lot of confusion going on but right now it’s really impossible to tell.

Who is on hold there our correspondence joins us now from Key of Sonia what’s the latest will the search and rescue operation that has continued overnight in that South Central City of mani pro.

There are several people unaccounted for but of course, as we saw in your report hopes are fading of fighting survivors under the rubble after you know three nights in Sub-Zero temperatures and of course, the death toll is rising by the hour dozens of people in hospitals including children.

We’ve also seen a huge outpouring of help from villages in and around nepro danipro um you know there have been reports here in the media of you know municipalities willing to take in the hundreds of people who have now become homeless there are also reports that some of the residents affected are internally displaced people you know people who have fled from regions like Curson and Kharkiv and have moved to danipro.

I think for them this experience is especially traumatic losing everything all over again and Ukraine’s Deputy defense minister Anna malar has said that the missile that hit that building is a Russian x-22 ballistic missile right after that attack we saw a statement when Ukraine’s Air Defense Forces saying they do not have the means the equipment to detect or shoot down these types of missiles so that has raised a lot of concern here and you know strengthened calls for the rollout of advanced air defense systems like the Patriot from the US Sonia you ventured out in the dark in the capital key of where City authorities have restricted public lighting with serious consequences for people out on the streets let’s have a look at your report during.

The day despite the war the Ukrainian Capital can look and feel quite normal but as night falls Kyiv slips into almost Darkness street lights are off and at many Crossings traffic lights as well the dark makes it downright risky for those on the streets Bogdan works for a food delivery service in Kyiv taking orders to customers around the city curfew isn’t until 11 pm so much of his work is in the inky talk foreign work has become much tougher because of the lack of light it’s hard to ride in the dark.

If a person doesn’t have reflectors I just can’t see them you have to be careful because there could be people on the streets kids and there are potholes and open drains which you could fall into more a month ago Bogdan had an accident when he hit a curb in the dark he smashed all the reflectors on his bicycle the streets in the Ukrainian Capital are clearly not safe at night.

That’s especially so for those navigating the city on foot now the deputy head of kiev’s traffic police told me that car accidents involving pedestrians have gone up by a whopping 80 percent since last October that’s when the city was forced to introduce rolling blackouts in response to Russia’s debilitating missile and drone attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure everyone here has a story about the darkness it’s really dangerous.

I’m wondering how I can cross the road to the other side shall I go further and look for a proper Crossing or should I follow another person so we’re in a group I bought a glow stick collar for my dog because I can’t see him when there’s no light in the park it’s very convenient it was dark at the Crossing before people approached me punched me in the nose and snatched my phones from my pocket.

But living in a city shrouded in darkness can also have its upsides Centre there’s a bit of intrigue and mystery in the air especially when it’s closer to the curfew and there’s no one around it’s quite interesting to ride along dark empty streets.

Quite literally disappear into the night and Sonia is still with us Sonia what are the biggest problems uh for the city well as we saw in that report you know the police here say that the biggest problem is really car drivers being unable to see pedestrians.

Really knocking them over uh we’ve had reports of people with fatality with serious trauma injuries and head injuries but also fatalities and the police here have started a campaign now to try and encourage people to you know wear brighter jackets.

Coats rather than black clothes that you know where people with the car drivers could actually see them they’ve asked them to wear you know reflective elements I’ve spoken to parents in the city who are quite worried about their children going out alone in the dark to the park they kit them out in reflective uh clothing and you know police have also said that one of the bigger problems is that in districts where there are frequent power outages the traffic lights don’t function.

So officers are now being trained to kind of manually uh you know regulate these Crossings at big uh Junctions the other problem a little bit is a crime now uh incidence of looting and theft have gone up in certain tricks with some criminals taking advantage of the dock but the police say you know overall crime is down since Kyiv was forced to introduce these blackouts last October Sonia in the key of there thank you

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