Russia Terror Attack: ISIS Claims Responsibility for Moscow Concert Venue Massacre

The recent terrorist attack in marks one of the nation's most devastating incidents in decades, with over 130 casualties.

Concert Hall
Concert Hall – (Stringer/AFP/Getty Images © Provided by CNN)

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the massacre at a popular concert venue near Moscow. Armed assailants stormed the complex, initiating chaos and carnage among concertgoers.

Authorities have detained several individuals, including four suspected gunmen from . The attack unfolded as attendees gathered for a concert by the band Picnic, with gunmen indiscriminately firing upon the crowd and setting the venue ablaze.

Swift response efforts by law enforcement and emergency teams were hampered by a large fire and partial roof collapse.

The toll of the attack continues to rise as investigations unfold. has poured in, with world leaders expressing solidarity and offering condolences to the victims and their families.

The incident has sparked , with Russia and exchanging accusations regarding the perpetrators and motives behind the attack.

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