Royal Photoshop Scandal: Princess Kate Caught in Second Controversy!

A recent photograph involving Catherine, , has sparked controversy after being digitally altered, as reported by a prominent photo agency. This incident marks the second instance of royal image manipulation, coinciding with Kate's first public appearance in months.

Princess Kate, Kate Middleton
(Image source: @Reuters)

Getty Images disclosed that a picture featuring Queen Elizabeth alongside her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, taken by Kate and released by Kensington Palace, underwent digital enhancements. A CNN analysis identified approximately 19 alterations in the image.

This controversy follows a previous incident concerning a Mother's Day photo of Catherine and her children, reportedly taken by , which was also retouched. Kate addressed the initial uproar by apologizing and admitting to “experimenting” with photo editing.

The discovery of inconsistencies in another royal picture has raised further questions surrounding Kate's involvement and threatens the royal family's relationships with major and photography agencies.

This development is unwelcome for the Waleses, occurring amidst heightened scrutiny regarding the princess's health and status. However, recent sightings of Prince William and Kate have helped alleviate concerns over her well-being.

The focus of the latest controversy is an image published in April 2023, depicting the late Queen Elizabeth surrounded by 10 young relatives. Questions arise over whether the photo was composed from various shots due to noticeable discrepancies, including misalignments and cloning artifacts.

Getty Images acknowledged the digital enhancements in the image but declined to comment further. Meanwhile, Kensington Palace refrained from providing additional statements.

The use of unauthorized alterations not only poses embarrassment for the royals but also undermines their credibility as distributors of accurate information. Agencies like Getty, which have close ties with Kensington Palace, play a vital role in disseminating royal images to the public.

Kate's recent absence from public duties, attributed to her recovery from surgery, has fueled speculation and conspiracy theories. Similarly, King Charles III's reduced engagements following his cancer diagnosis have been subject to media scrutiny.

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