Revelation: Trump-Appointed Judge’s Law Clerks Quit Abruptly – What’s Really Going On?

Legal observers have raised concerns regarding a report revealing that two law clerks of District Judge Aileen Cannon resigned prematurely, a move described as “wildly unusual.”

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Judge Cannon, was appointed by and has faced allegations of favoritism towards him in pre-trial rulings, reportedly had at least two clerks quit, as disclosed by sources familiar with the federal court where she presides.

Attorney David Lat, in his Original Jurisdiction newsletter, highlighted these departures, noting that Cannon and the court did not respond to his inquiries. One clerk left after serving one year due to childbirth, while another departed after about one year and two months for unspecified reasons.

Despite these resignations, Cannon's chambers are now fully staffed. Legal experts have expressed skepticism over the circumstances surrounding the departures, with former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti and MSNBC legal analyst Katie Phang noting the unusual nature of such occurrences in the judiciary. Law professor Eric Segall also commented on the rarity of clerks leaving abruptly, implying potential concerns about Judge Cannon's tenure.

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