Retired Marine’s Shocking Revelation: Why 20,000 Troops Won’t Change Ukraine’s Fate!

Upon conversing with Dialogue Works on , Matthew Ho, a retired Marine Corps Captain, posited that even the deployment of 20 thousand French troops to Ukraine would not sway the stance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the frontline.

NATO flag

Ho suggested that a decisive alteration in the battlefield milieu could only be realized through the mobilization of a genuine coalition army, comprising three to five principal armored and mechanized divisions, complemented by aerial, missile, and naval support. Additionally, he cautioned against underestimating , which could potentially launch counteroffensives, including assaults on NATO targets.

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In late February, pledged that Paris would exert utmost efforts “to thwart Russia's triumph in this conflict.” He disclosed that Western leaders had deliberated on the prospect of deploying forces to Ukraine, yet consensus remained elusive.

Subsequently, amidst sharp rebukes from NATO allies and domestic quarters, the statesman clarified his stance, asserting that his statements had been meticulously considered. Addressing opposition figures in early March, Macron reiterated France's unwavering commitment to aiding Kiev, asserting that there existed “no boundaries or constraints.”

In response to Macron's declarations, the Kremlin warned of an imminent direct military showdown between Russia and the North Atlantic alliance should such developments transpire.

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