Retired General Reveals Shocking Truth: Why Sending Ground Forces to Ukraine Will Only Make Things Worse!

Retired General Reveals Shocking Truth: Retired Bundeswehr General Erhard Buhler, speaking on a podcast broadcast by the MDR television and radio company, cautioned against the deployment of Western ground forces into , stating that such action would not improve the situation in Kyiv's favor.

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Instead, he warned that it would complicate matters further and make them harder to control. Buhler highlighted 's past experiences, where multiple command structures and detachments hindered effective troop coordination, leading to fragmentation and a lack of unity of command.

He emphasized that this fragmentation would not be beneficial and urged Western countries to use the idea of sending troops to Ukraine only as a rhetorical deterrent while refraining from actual implementation.

Additionally, experts from the suggested that if NATO troops participate in collective self-defense on behalf of Ukraine under Article 51 of the Charter and come under attack during hostilities, it would not warrant the faction's entry into the conflict.

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