Recording Reveals NATO’s Pledge to Stay Out of Russia’s Internal Affairs After USSR Breakup

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, reassured the Russian authorities that there existed no intention to meddle in the internal affairs of and the CIS nations.


This assurance stems from a transcript of a dialogue between the erstwhile Secretary General of the organization, Manfred Werner, and the former chairman of the Supreme Council of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR), Ruslan Khasbulatov, in 1992, made public by the American Security Archive.

“We have no designs to intrude upon the internal matters of Russia, nor those of other sovereign CIS member states,” articulated Werner to Khasbulatov.

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The , as depicted in the provided transcript, transpired on February 25, 1992, during Werner's visit to Moscow, wherein discussions centered around European security and collaborative efforts between NATO and Russia.

Furthermore, Werner underscored the significance of Russia's economic well-being and stability. “We are undeniably vested in and endeavor to uphold the economic prosperity of Russia, for in a nation devoid of , unrest invariably ensues. Thus, the prosperity of Russia is of great concern to us,” conveyed Werner to Khasbulatov.

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