Reasons for Microsoft’s willingness to purchase OpenAI for $10 billion

Microsoft is in talks to invest 10 billion dollars in open. AI is the creator of the artificial intelligence pop bot chat GPT that’s according to people familiar with the planned chat. GPT has received worldwide attention since.

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It launched less than two months ago and gained its first million users in less than a week the Box’s ability to gather information.

Imitate human conversation has led to speculation it could one day replace professional writers and even threaten Google’s search engine open AI whose Founders included.

Elon Musk makes money by licensing out its technology let’s discuss the potential for open AI with yeshu Sivan CEO of innovation platform I8 Ventures it’s great to have you on the program again yeah sure let’s talk about chat.

GPT you just type in just about any question it seems to be able to answer it as well as a human can do I mean how revolutionary is this bit of Technology I am not sleeping for the last month literally not sleeping.

I’m a great lover of sleep and it is because what we see now is the culmination of 10 years of extensive work actually a global work that open AI has been able to utilize to bring in something.

That is a demonstration of something that is a wonderful and frightening Revolution you’re losing sleep over it I mean what are the implications I mean you’re losing sleep over.

It so of course it’s a lecture of two hours but in nutshell first of all this particular technology is one out of ten different engines.

That we have out there Google has a similar meta has similar engines Etc it is an example of what you can do with the modern tools of AI again it has its issues.

But it’s a great example plus we see the engineering uh Miracle of connecting this with the scalability of the cloud.

And then we see uh this is an emerging technology that will change many many things I want to emphasize that it is far beyond uh answering questions or doing chat it is an example of a neural network that is actually uh working.

So um we are in for a big set of surprises, of course, the most immediate issue is the threat of replacing the sort of standard Google search thing where you get something and you get you to know 20 30 different sites.

They are proposing something which is completely magical just get the answer so yeah well actually that that’s one of the ways in which it was you know that there have been rumors that Microsoft might be wanting to use this technology for themselves to beef up their Bing search engine to compete with Google.

I mean where do you think Microsoft sees the value in open AI Microsoft is not willing again to lose the next Revolution if you look at the last 20 years they are very good at losing revolutions and the evolution of the internet.

They lost the mobile they lost Etc you see it in the metaverse where with their investment of 79 billion dollars on uh competitor they’re not willing to lose.

so this seems to be like this kind of uh Innovation they can actually use this technology in many places plus they have already bet on open AI because they’ve already invested the billion dollars in the open eye on the past and they have an exclusive right and all the service now is being done over azure uh that is Microsoft Cloud infrastructure.

So there is a tight collaboration the one example of search is again one example and could be a winning example which of course will hurt Google okay yes you Sivan from IA events it’s going to be fascinating to watch how this develops in the coming months and years isn’t it thanks a lot for joining us on the program yeah thank you very much talk to you soon bye.

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