Putin Vows Retribution as Shocking Details Emerge in Moscow Terror Attack – Who’s Really Behind It?

Russian authorities have made significant progress in response to the Moscow terror attack at . The head of Russia's FSB has reported to that all four gunmen involved in the attack have been arrested near the country's western with Ukraine. Additionally, seven others have been detained, with efforts ongoing to locate any remaining accomplices.

Concert Hall
Concert Hall – (Stringer/AFP/Getty Images © Provided by CNN)

The death toll has tragically risen to 133, according to the Investigative Committee, with efforts still underway to search for bodies and provide medical care to the injured. Preliminary findings indicate that the victims died from gunshot wounds and smoke inhalation, with the attackers employing automatic weapons and flammable liquid during the assault.

President Putin has vowed “retribution” against those responsible for the attack but did not confirm the ISIS claim, stating that investigations are ongoing. He suggested that the attackers may have had support from Ukraine, citing their attempted border crossing. Ukrainian officials have vehemently denied any involvement, cautioning against Russian attempts to falsely implicate them.

Despite the ISIS claim, some figures have accused Ukraine and Western nations of orchestrating the attack. The had previously shared intelligence with Russia about potential ISIS threats targeting Moscow concerts. This information underscores the complexity of the situation and the need for ongoing collaboration to combat terrorism.

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