Pushing for the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine: A turning moment in the conflict?

A helicopter crash in Ukraine has killed at least 15 people that’s according to the Ukrainian president. Who added that the exact number of victims is still being established.

We do know that Ukrainian interior Minister Dennis mochastersky and his Deputy were on board the aircraft and were killed when it went down near a kindergarten and apartment Block in the town of grocery northeast of the capital Kyiv local officials also say that three of the victims are children our chief correspondent Sonia flanker is making her way to the crash site I spoke with her a little earlier about the circumstances of the crash foreign s here now saying that 18 people have been confirmed dead including three children.

They say all nine people on board that helicopter was killed that including several high-ranking officials of the ministry of internal affairs the Ukrainian interior Minister himself his deputy and the state Secretary officials say the remaining dead include staff and children at the kindergarten that was hit by that helicopter crash now there is um we have there are reports for over 20 people hospitalized including more than 10 children a spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force command has just said that a commission now will be set up to investigate the cause of this helicopter crash.

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We also have details saying that the Ukrainian interior minister in his delegation was using a French-made helicopter that was being used with the Emergency Services they were en route to a war hotspot.

So we don’t have any more details of that what we know is that this helicopter came down in the suburb of bravery just off Kyiv it came down near a kindergarten and a residential building the governor of the cave region says many people the staff and children were in the kindergarten at that time the crash did cause the fire to break out we’re seeing images of the wreckage and of the mangled debris of cars and trees now then emergency workers on the site and that rescue operation is going on we’re getting reports.

It was dark and foggy at the time of the crash and initial reports suggested that the helicopter did indeed hit the kindergarten before it came down near the Residential Building now Sonia the Interior Minister who was among those killed in this crash is in fact the most senior Ukrainian official to have died since.

This War began what’s the likely impact this will have on Zelenski’s government I think it’s too early to say what impact that could have right now we have few details there is no indication that this helicopter was shot down everything suggests that this was you know indeed a tragic accident now there have been some reactions from Ukrainian officials posting on social media calling the loss of this interior Minister a loss for Ukraine we haven’t heard from president Zielinski himself but the news will come as a blow to his government you know as Ukraine kind of presses Western allies to provide more powerful weapons for the potential you know anticipated Russian offensive and as the war, you know approaches its first year anniversary that was DW’s correspondent in Kyiv sonafanika Sonia thank you.

So Ukrainian President Vladimir Zielinski has now given a statement on the crash he called it a terrible tragedy and meanwhile Zielinski’s government is pushing to acquire more heavy weapons from Western allies to defend against Russia’s Invasion here in Europe the focus is on the delivery of Battle Tanks which Kyiv says are a crucial part of its strategy to make progress on the battlefield.

This new clear picture of the active Frontline in eastern Ukraine is only a piece of a puzzle this piece shows Ukrainian soldiers launching Rockets toward Russian forces near the Strategic city of bakmut ation the situation is tense.

The Russians are creeping in the bakmut they’re attempting a breakthrough we won’t allow them this we’ll do everything to support our infantry we strike our targets with power and hit with precision I believe that with God’s help, we’ll win Ava isn’t the only thing Ukrainians say they need to decide this battle or the war what do we need those weapons and our partners Depots which our troops are waiting for foreign Chief amongst.

Those needs modern battle tanks like the British Army’s Challenger 2. on Saturday Britain promised to give 14 of them to Ukraine breaking a long-standing western taboo and amping up the pressure on other countries to follow suit namely Germany the producer of The Long sought after Leopard 2 tank it’s a battle tank regarded as one of the best in the west.

Germany could authorize its export in numbers some say could decide the war others disagree the Kremlin announced Western tank deliveries as insignificant on Monday the special military operation will continue and those tanks will burn just like the others the goals of the special military operation will be fulfilled while heads of state are talking weapons fighting continues for control of bakmut every day of Deadlock reduce a small Ukrainian home to Rubble.

Analysts say there’s been little change to the front line of this wall Kiev hopes that battle tanks are the missing piece of the puzzle that will change the game let’s bring in DW’s Chief political correspondent Nina haza for more on this so Nina now that we have this British pledge is Germany going to be able to maintain its position on not delivering heavy tanks well Olaf shows the chancellor has repeatedly said that any decision on further weapon supplies could only be taken in close coordination with allies and of course that argument for holding back those tax deliveries has started to sound less convincing because of the British pledge.

But also because of the calls from allies like Poland to jointly send Leopard 2 tanks now many here in Berlin are speculating that the chancellor would move if he received backing from the U.S and of course if Washington decided to send combat tanks itself and U.S President Biden and Olaf Schultz in this context it’s important to note talks on the phone on Tuesday and said that they discussed effective sustainable and closely coordinated military support for Ukraine.

So many are now speculating that there is a breakthrough in the making so you mentioned the leopard tanks Nina just what would their delivery buy Germany to Ukraine mean internationally well of course it is a question on the battlefield it might make a huge difference because they’re better armored and soldiers have a better chance of surviving even if the tanks are hit the level 2 tanks are known as being some of the most modern combat tanks that are available at the moment but politically too that’ll have consequences many are speculating.

That shot has been reluctant so far because of Germany’s history during the second world war he didn’t want the pictures of German tanks fighting against the Russian army but of course, there is a lot of pressure on him so should he give his green light to other countries sending the german-made leopard two tanks or should he even join the Coalition and send leopard two tanks um from Germany that would also mean that criticism would no longer focus on him.

So much and that of course would mean that he could also concentrate on other topics also in the public domain well for his part Ukrainian president Polanski has expressed his expectation that the world economic Forum in damos would have to send a signal for heavy arms deliveries to his country also including from Germany Nina How likely is that well you do have to keep these two issues apart right then there is the issue Germany has to give its consent if other countries like Poland want to send leopard to tanks simply because they’re german-made Germany will have to say that’s okay.

This is something where Olafson’s own Deputy has said that Germany shouldn’t stand in the way and if indeed a breakthrough is in the making and if indeed the US is backing Germany there then shorts might use the next opportunity to announce this next step and so that could well happen at Davos but then the other question will Germany itself join that Coalition send combat tanks themselves that’s a lot unclear that was DW’s Chief political correspondent Nina haza Nina thanks so much we appreciate it.

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