NHL player cited religious convictions as reason for skipping Pride-themed warmup

The Philadelphia Flyers say they support the gay community and the NHL team also says it supports the right of its players to choose their own causes.

The organization has faced a number of questions after one player sat out a pre-game warm-up with a rainbow Pride theme Matt Cullen of CBC Sports has the details today.

The talk around the NHL has been controversial and it has been backlash this is because of an event that happened last night just prior to a game between the Philadelphia Flyers.

Pride-themed warmup
Pride-themed warmup (Image Source: Twitter)

The Anaheim Ducks controversy is the decision surrounding Flyers defenseman Ivan proven off he refused to take the warm-up with the team on Pride night while the team was wearing these jerseys pride-themed jerseys.

Also using Pride rainbow-colored tape on their sticks now what was noticeable is that the 26-year-old joined the team on the ice for the game after the warm-up had concluded but the regular jerseys had then been put back on the prover office from Russia.

Cited the Russian Orthodox religion for his absence let’s take listen to his brief post-game comments and Then followed by the comments of the head coach John Tortorella I respect everybody.

I respect everybody’s choices my choice is to stay true to myself and my religion that’s all I’m gonna say with provi he’s being true to himself in his religion this has to do with his belief in his religion and it’s one thing I respect about provi.

He’s always true to himself uh and so that’s where we’re at with that so Matt what other sort of reaction are you hearing from the team and also the league well there has been no shortage of reaction today Hannah and particular there’s been division around the NHL about how the team handled this and how the league handles this because the NHL has been taking steps towards trying to eliminate what it deems negative parts of hockey culture toxic parts of hockey culture.

So what they’ve been doing is championing a campaign called hockey is for everyone and there’s various different uh different components of this and one of this one of the components is pride night and they put a significant amount of resource and emphasis in this here’s how the Flyers responded yesterday they released a statement late last night they defended the actions of their players.

Tried to shift the focus away from Ivan proven off saying many of our players are active in their support of local lgbtq plus organizations and we were proud to host our Annual Pride night again this year the Flyers will continue to be strong advocates for inclusivity.

The lgbtq community of the NHL is also provided CBC news with a statement essentially saying clubs decide who they celebrate how and when they celebrate and players are free to decide which initiatives to support and we continue to encourage their voices and perspective on social and cultural issues so that’s been the response today from the Flyers and the NHL Cullen of CBC Sports.

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