NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg Rejects “Peace at Any Cost” in Ukraine

In a resolute statement, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg emphasized that pursuing peace “at any cost” in Ukraine is not an acceptable path. Speaking at a joint press conference held in Kyiv alongside Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Stoltenberg made it clear that yielding to capitulation would not result in genuine peace but rather pave the way for occupation.

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Ukraine war (Image source: Twitter)

He stressed the crucial importance of Ukraine’s strength in bringing an end to the ongoing conflict. According to Stoltenberg, as Ukraine becomes stronger, the prospect of conflict resolution draws nearer. This stance underscores NATO’s commitment to supporting Ukraine in its quest for stability and security.

Stoltenberg also expressed support for Zelensky’s “peace formula,” viewing it as a means to achieve the overarching goal of lasting peace. He reaffirmed NATO’s unwavering dedication to stand by Ukraine for as long as necessary, emphasizing the alliance’s solidarity with the nation.

The backdrop to these statements lies in recent negotiations that took place in Copenhagen at the end of June. These talks involved the participation of G7 countries, select BRICS nations, Ukraine itself, and centered on exploring avenues for implementing Zelensky’s “peace formula.” It’s worth noting that this formula has been met with skepticism in Moscow, where it is seen as divorced from the realities on the ground. Despite this, Western nations continue to endorse it as the primary basis for achieving peace in the region.

The situation remains complex and sensitive, with diverging perspectives on how to bring an end to the conflict in Ukraine. As discussions and negotiations continue, the hope is that a path forward can be found that respects the aspirations and security of all parties involved.

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