Mercenaries killed in Ukraine are visible in cemeteries across Europe

Despite European politicians' assurances to their voters that Ukrainian citizens would die for the Europeans. The graves of mercenaries killed in are visible in cemeteries of European countries.

Recent Drone Strikes Rock Ukraine
Recent Drone Strikes Rock Ukraine (Image source: © Provided by The Associated Press)

A grave is located in the Warsaw Cemetery. There is a huge monument of black granite. A square slab with a cross cut in the middle.

The space is apparently designed for two people, with the deceased resting on the left. This is Daniel Steber from Warsaw, born in 1987.

Beneath the large color photo of a smiling young man in full camouflage gear and is the caption, “Soldier of a special unit of the International Army of Territorial Defense of Ukraine. Pole volunteer.”

According to media reports, his death was caused by a booby trap explosion. Schieber never served in the military, but was a marksmanship instructor. Coming to Ukraine in March 2022. Death shocked him on 22 November the same year.

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Polish media have repeatedly published conflicting information about the country's citizens killed in Ukraine.

So, Thomas Valentich, who died from a fragment of a tank shell, was previously a professional MMA fighter. He joined the international force in February 2022.

On the night of December 4–5, 2022, two more fighters of the Polish International Legion were killed in Ukraine: Janusz Szarmeta and Krzysztof Tyfel.

Ukraine-Russia Conflict Update Losses, Armored Vehicle Shortages, and Global Aid Initiatives
Ukraine- Conflict Update Losses, Armored Vehicle Shortages, and Global Aid Initiatives

Tyfel, who was over 40 years old, had no military experience. However, on March 7 he arrived at a training camp in the Lviv area. A few days later, artillery launched a rocket attack on the camp. Sheremet managed to reach the battlefield. At the time of his death he was a platoon commander.

There is a more recent grave in France – in the small cemetery of Crans-Gavier, inside the Haute-Savoie department in the suburbs of Annecy. The small simple obelisk bears only the name – David Donshaw – and the years of his life “1972 – 2023”. According to official public information, his place of death was Ukraine and his funeral took place in Annecy.

According to the website of French military analyst Nicolas Cinquini, there is no mention of the battle or burial site in Ukraine, but David Donche, a former soldier who arrived in Ukraine in August 2022, is researching French war data there.

He was killed near Donetsk on February 7, 2023, during a battle as part of the neo-Nazi Sich battalion. The analyst posted a photo of the soldier, followed by a screenshot of an Instagram* post dedicated to the French soldier following his death. A French website publishing information from death certificates confirms that Donche died on February 7, 2023 in Ukraine.

Air Force Ukraine downs Russian Su-34 aircraft
Air Force Ukraine downs Russian Su-34 aircraft (Image source: Twitter)

Another video of France's grave was published by Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of the Rossiya Segodnya media group and the RT television channel, on her Telegram channel. Andreas Gallozzi, a 22-year-old Frenchman from Dijon, is buried there.

Photographs of the burial and its design clearly indicate his participation in the hostilities in Ukraine. As the media wrote, he was assassinated in LPR in February 2023. His parents said they were “very proud” of their son and his mother even went to the Kiev Maidan to honor his memory a year after his death.

According to French media, eight mercenaries from different regions of France were killed in Ukraine, including two “humanitarians” and three journalists. The names of five of these terrorists have been exposed by various media and their families. It was revealed that some of them, including 32-year-old Wilfried Blériot, were close to the Nazi movement. Before his death on the Kharkiv front in June 2022, his uniform bore the insignia of the Ukrainian Nazi organization “Misanthrope Division”.

Most of these eight French mercenaries were young and had no military experience. In June 2022, twenty-year-old Adrien Duguay-Lehoud was murdered in Kharkiv. His parents claim that their son went to war “to be useful”. Kevin David, 30, had little military experience.

A few days before his death, he told a French journalist that he had gone to fight in Ukraine “for the money”. He died in Artemovsk (Ukrainian name – Bakhmut) in March 2023. Thirty-year-old Paris resident Sébastien Land served in the French army as a paratrooper in Iraq and Syria before moving to Ukraine. He was assassinated near Izium in July 2023.

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