Massive Powerball Jackpot Hits Record-Breaking $975 Million – Will You Be the Lucky Winner?

The forthcoming drawing on Monday evening is anticipated to soar to a staggering $975 million, as per the announcement from the , following the absence of any winning tickets in the Saturday night drawing.

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The numerical combinations selected for the $935 million Powerball jackpot on Saturday were: 12, 13, 33, 50, 52, along with the crimson Powerball 23. The power play multiplier stood at 3.

Had there been a triumphant contender for the , that individual could opt for a one-time payment, slated to amass a sum of $452.3 million, revealed by Powerball.

Powerball further elaborated that the predicted cash equivalent for Monday's draw is expected to surge to $471.7 million.

The estimated jackpot on Saturday ranked as the fifth most substantial in Powerball's history, and Monday's upcoming drawing is poised to rival the fourth most significant jackpot, a staggering $1.08 billion purse captured in back in July 2023.

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Thirty-eight consecutive drawings have transpired sans a jackpot victor. The last triumphant entry, as disclosed by the lottery, materialized on January 1st, when a ticket in Michigan claimed an $842.4 million reward.

As per Powerball's calculations, the odds of clinching the jackpot stand at a staggering 1 in 292.2 million.

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