Mark Cuban Exposes Shocking Truth About Trump’s Billionaire Status – You Won’t Believe What He Reveals!

Mark Cuban responded to Rep. Ted Lieu's skepticism regarding former President 's billionaire status by highlighting the distinction between net worth and liquid assets. Cuban, known for his role on “Shark Tank,” disagreed with Lieu's assertion that Trump's inability to pay a $464 million judgment suggests he isn't a billionaire.

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban (Image source: )

He explained that net worth isn't necessarily synonymous with cash on hand, particularly considering low-interest rates which discouraged keeping large sums in . Cuban also criticized Trump's strategies, suggesting that his focus on non-cash investments and alleged contributed to his current situation.

He pointed out the challenges of bond companies loaning against Trump's primarily non-liquid assets, especially in the commercial real estate market. Despite Lieu's perspective and Trump's objections to the bond amount, Cuban emphasized the financial intricacies involved and their implications for Trump's appeal.

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